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18 Mar

Ankur:  So I think my experience with Wayne from SunnyMac has been very pleasant. I do appreciate the knowledge Wayne provided. It was very helpful to make a decision. Of course, with the referral from neighborhood. We went with Wayne from SunnyMac. We went through the process and I think things were going fine. We got the roof installed. Contractor, did a good job, but also we ran into problems, which was something that I wasn't expecting to happen.

Ankur: I had to reach out to Wayne and I also had to reach out to the contractor. A good story ; I would say is it got addressed within a day or so. It's not bad. I think we all make mistakes, but I really like the response time and how quickly Wayne and the contractor addressed it. The panels are done. They followed up with the township..

Ankur: I didn't really have to do anything without even a single e-mail. Things got settled up Now panel is up and running. I can see the production up showing up on my app, and the next step is I'm waiting to see some money that I can potentially make to those T.R.E.C.S. so things are going well and I appreciate all the support.

Ankur: So my name is Ankur . I am from Monmouth Junction, in New Jersey. While my researching, I found a partner for my solar,  Wayne from SunnyMac. If you're looking for someone , if you need guidance, if you need a new solar panel, reach out to Wayne.

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