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30 Mar

Vincent : Hi. We're Vincent : and Shannon Charles, and partnering with SunnyMac is one of the best decisions we've ever made. I was always interested in solar. And all of a sudden, it started popping up on my phone. So I reached out to Wayne, and Wayne pretty much educated me on everything about solar. So from that point on, I really trusted Wayne and what he had to say.

Shannon: What always intrigued you in the renewable energy?

Vincent : You know, doing.

Shannon: Something important.

Vincent : In our part for the environment and also the cost.

Shannon: Saving? Yes, it was obviously the cost savings for me. I was a little bit more hesitant because you know, it was esthetic, right? I was really challenging you on like what was it going to look like? We're going to have all these panels everywhere. That was my first thing. And then the second thing for me was I'm from California.

Shannon: And so we have great weather all the time. New Jersey, not so much. And I was concerned, like with all the clouds and all the storms that we were never going to have energy. We use a lot of energy for two people and our two dogs. I mean, I feel like they use the most.

Vincent : Probably.

Shannon: They do. And so for us, it was like, was that going to work for us? So it took some convincing on your part.

Vincent : Yes, it was a little.

Shannon: It's a little apprehensive. But what I found was that when the panels went up, I was actually away. And when they went up, I when I drove in, I didn't even notice them. And in fact, when I actually had to look at them, I think they look really nice. I feel like when they came in, the people that were installing it were thinking about it as if it was their own house and how it would look.

Shannon: And it looks nice. Even the part, like the electrical box is done So Well, I mean, almost better than our own. True. Yeah. Work on this.
Vincent : They were very professional and they were friendly, which is and they cleaned up after themselves, which is always a big plus.

Shannon: It's very important to them. And we have had some weather in the last couple of years, ever since we moved into this house, it has been rain, rain, rain, rain, rain. And you know what? We've never lost power. And in fact, I've been so impressed with that, that it's just given us exactly what we need. I run the air conditioning really cool in the summer, right?

Shannon: You freeze because I hate humidity. We have a heater on our pool that pumps. We have TVs going. We have lights going on. And it has never even flickered.

Vincent : No, a lot of the electricity that that's for sure.

Shannon: I would tell you, if you're like me, I promise you it's going to be a really good decision. We've just been impressed as a as a total.

Vincent : I've been impressed with the bill we had our bill went from little over $500 to a solid $197 a month. I'm Happy.

Shannon: You're totally happy, right? And that's been such a good thing financially. It's allowed us to do other things to the house and updated our bathroom because that bill went down so much, it created some more movement.

Vincent : So I just want to say thank you, SunnyMac.

Shannon: Yes. Thank you.

Vincent : Wayne, for your expertise.

Shannon: And making it so easy.

Vincent : And just making it a smooth process.

Shannon: Super smooth. If I had to give you one advice, I think the one thing we would say if we were looking back is I would buy the panels over renting. Just because you get really good tax breaks.

Vincent : I would do so. Yeah.

Shannon: Thanks, SunnyMac,
Vincent : but we're happy.

Vincent : Thank you.

Shannon: Call Wayne today.

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