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20 Jun

Hi. This is Carlos Hernandez, your realtor. I work with EXP. I been working as a realtor for the last 23 years. I can help anyone in New Jersey to buy or sell their home. I got 23 years of experience and I have faced all kinds of markets and this is the best time to buy. Actually, the company that i'm working with right now has helped me so much that I can actually potentially retire very, very soon from the business.
I introduce my son Giancarlo Hernandez, who is actually part of the EXP. A new realtor with us.

Solar Panel Installation North Jersey USA

Hi , my name is Giancarlo Hernandez. I have been with the EXP realty for the past two years. I think it's a great company to join, whether you're a young agent by age or young agent by experience. I follow all of my father's footsteps. And it's been going great so far for me and I'll recommend it to anyone who is trying to get their foot into real estate.

When I decided to go solar. I called Wayne Your Partner In Solar© to help me out. To, understand this thing about solar. He did a great job, he explained with a lot of detail how this work, how much money I will save, so I'm here with my new panels. Why so much solar panels on my house? As a realtor, I always looking out for my customers and I know a lot of buyers and sellers are looking to save some money and save energy at their home.

So I'm promoting Wayne , Your Partner In Solar LLC © 

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