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 Let me introduce myself, I’m Wayne DeCoteau – before becoming Your Partner in Solar, I was a successful Sales  Consultant for many years in the Outdoor Advertising, Telecommunications and Solar Energy sectors. I made a  commitment over 7 years ago to focus on building partnerships and connections that last beyond a transaction. I pride  myself on building relationships based on:


I enjoy sharing the many benefits and savings that a solar system for home could produce for individuals and families. As a loving father and husband – I understand the importance of saving money, that’s why I’m a proud owner of renewable solar power & electricity that keeps my home running efficiently. Would you allow me to share with you the benefits of Solar , and what I call "Electricity Equity with Solar Ownership"
Not only am I a resource for homeowners and business owners, I also specialize in assisting realtors to help them better understand solar technology for potential/current clients. I’m always looking for an opportunity to share my knowledge with prospective/current solar power system owners, real estate agents or a person just curious about the technology.
I’m a proud member of Business Connects where I frequently take part and attend local community and non-profit organization events.

As a residential solar installer, I help and educate people about the efficiency of harnessing the power of the sun to save on your electric bill. If you need solar installation in in the state of new jersey, contact us!  We are a leader in solar energy!  To get info about solar incentives, please read on.....