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06 Apr

Hey. How are you? Listen, I didn't know I had anybody with me, but it's Wayne; Your partner in solar and I want to tell you about the Summer Solar Savings Event. Why not make this the last summer that you use that old AC. Okay, it's probably 15, 20 years old. I'll tell you a little secret.

There's something called Electricity Equity, and you actually get to unleash that when you go solar. All right. So, as an example, a lot of people go solar and they want to save. They might be in PSE&G. They'll pay $0.18 a kilowatt hour. We can get them down to maybe $0.12 a kilowatt hour. That difference, that $0.06 in that scenario, I call Electricity Equity.

So think about it this way. You go solar you get to reduce your electricity bills. But why not use some of those savings to replace your AC this summer? Right. Again, your partner in solar has partners. We can have a conversation. I can connect you with one of our HVAC  specialists. What if you can go solar, get install, and as a result of doing that, you have yourself a new AC. Now you're cooler than a cucumber because it's actually working right and you're saving money. So it's Your Partner in Solar, Summer of solar savings. Let's talk about Electricity Equity and see what your home can save you. I talk you guys soon.

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